Marché aux huitres couché de soleil
La baie de Cancale
Huîtres de Cancale

The oyster market

At the heart of the exceptional site of the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, the know-how of the oyster farmers in raising oysters has allowed the town of Cancale to be included as a cultural heritage site of France.

Leave your car at the entrance to Cancale at the free parking du port and enjoy a trip along the port de la Houle to meet the oyster producers of Cancale, on foot.

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A unique place

The Oyster Market is on displaying !

A memory from Cancale !

Did you like your getaway to Cancale and did you enjoy your visit to the Oyster Market ?

Bring to home a souvenir from your holidays !

Our poster is available from all producers at the Oyster Market.

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A souvenir from Cancale!

Take a little Cancale home with you! The poster is on sale at Marché aux huîtres.

Affiche au format A3 - 29,7 x 42 cm

affiche Marché aux huîtres

The oyster market

8 passionate oyster farmers

welcome you every day of the year to this unique place in France. Choose between take away or eating on the spot : the supreme luxury, the producers at the market open the oysters for you and you just have to sit down facing the sea and taste them.

In full view of Mont Saint-Michel

Experience an unforgettable moment

tasting the oysters which come from the beds right before your eyes. You can’t get fresher !

face au Mont Saint-Michel
Ambiance Le marché aux huîtres

An unmissable experience

Taste the oysters of Cancale

enjoying the rhythm of the tides and the magnificent light of the bay of Mont Saint-Michel ! Then, as is the tradition, throw the empty shells directly into the sea !

8 Producers

Find out about them

Earl Jean d’Cancale

A family business, Jean d’Cancale and the team are half sailors and half farmers. All year round since 1994 they give constant care and attention to their oysters in the bay of Cancale...

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Sceo Huîtres SIMON

For the Simons this is the story of a family ! Since 1992 the SCEO Huîtres SIMON has offered their customers high quality oysters. The business enjoys the quality label Ostréiculteur traditionnel which guarantees oysters 100% born at sea...

Find out more

Sceo Les Huîtres de la Côte d’Emeraude

Created on the Ile de Ré in 1955, the SCEO Les huîtres de la côte d’émeraude came to Cancale in 1970. In this family business it is now the 3rd and 4th generations who work together...

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Earl Les Clas du Large

Yvan Jouanin, the owner des Clas du large, is the grandson of the last ship owner-oyster producer of Cancale. His grandfather sailed on a traditional sailing ship, Yvan himself uses a tractor for visiting his oyster beds....

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Sarl A. Prod’homme

For their oysters Christine and Alexandre Prod’homme use farming methods which bring together tradition and a respect for the natural rhythm of the oysters as have done several generations before them since the business was founded in 1948...

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Scea Querrien

At the oyster market the Querrien family stall stands out due to its bright pink colour ! Represented by Boudette, a small pretty blonde woman, smiling and dressed all in pink, the SCEA Querrien dresses up in the colour loved by its bubbly proprietor Laurence !...

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Sarl Aux délices de Cancale

A family business founded 20 years ago, Aux délices de Cancale grew from the passion of two brothers, Fabien et Gildas. In their Cancale marine farm they produce flat and cupped oysters, all 100% natural...

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Earl Cahue

For the Cahues oyster production is a family affair ! With Yoann today it’s the 4th generation producing oysters in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel. Les huîtres Cahue are produced entirely naturally...

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The oyster market

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